Chastity Beach and Other Fantasies
What is YOUR level of Chastity?

If you’ve visited this blog often, you are into it, obviously, or at least fantasize about it daily. Couples can have several levels of male chastity, wherein his penis is locked away and he can have no erections.

Level 0 - just what it implies. No chastity play at all. Most likely a vanilla sex life.

Level 1 - Some chastity play. He probably bought a CB-6000 or something like it, introduced it to her, or maybe even the other way around, and it was her idea. It’s more of a sex toy to spice up their love life, but nothing serious. He may even have the key, and be able to take it off any time he wants.

Level 2 - They may have bought a metal device, such as one from Mature Metal or Steelworxx or something similar. She may keep him locked for a week or even longer, but if he asks, she’ll remove it. He may be on the “honor” system, able to unlock himself, but trusted not to do so until a certain time. She will tease him during sex, and may or may not remove it, but most times she will.  Maybe she’ll lock him back up for a while, maybe not. In my Chastity Beach fantasy, couples who are discovering the resort and deciding to go are at least at this level. They may be into other kinky aspects of sex, such as bondage, and they may switch dominant and submissive roles.

Level 3 - She has the key, and he cannot unlock himself unless she allows it. She is the dominant sex partner. She may unlock him for sex, or she may not, but she is definitely the one who decides. Once a couple has decided to go to Chastity Beach, they are at least at this level, and the wives who discover they enjoy the experience are now at this level or beyond. There are probably other sexually kinky things going on now - bondage, role reversal, strapon play, maybe even swinging.

Level 4 - All Chastity Guys at the resort and a lot of guests are at this level. The cage, tube, belt, or other device is not removed for extended periods of time and the wearer has absolutely no say in when or how often the device will be unlocked. If he is unlocked at all by his wife, she most likely restrains him in a way that he cannot fondle his penis. She is in total control. She may “reward” him for good behaviors - such as cunnilingus or just keeping the house clean - but his penis is unlocked only at her whim. He knows he’ll get out sometime, but just not when.

Level 5 - Permanent chastity. A device or belt is locked onto his genitals in such a way that to attempt to remove could cause serious bodily harm, and may be expensive to boot. I don’t even know if it’s technically possible in reality to accomplish permanent chastity, wherein a device is impossible to remove, but a Lori’s tube probably comes close. Penis piericings and break-off screws which are JB Welded shut may do the trick. Maybe super glue mixed with tiny metal shavings in the lock. Guests or Chastity Guys at the Chastity franchise resort who choose to “Seal the Deal” have ‘graduated’ to level 5. The only thing beyond this would be castration and/or a penectomy. Let’s don’t go there!

So… Which level are YOU?